Sly Stone: The Man Funktastik

Undercover Presents
Sly and the Family Stone
The Independent
San Francisco, CA
January 18, 2014

Sly Stone: The Man Funktastik

Epic show with about a million talking points that I can’t possibly cover!  Every band was funking fantastic!  From the opening Awesome Orchestra's uplifting and empowering Stand! to the final funk and soul note!  Undercover Presents, in no time at all, has become the Must-See shows of the Bay Area music scene.  If I were a musician in the Bay Area, I would be begging to be a part of any UP.  Undercover presents a classic album song by song, each one performed by a different Bay Area artist.  Not only does this showcase some of the best musical talents of the San Francisco area, it allows the musicians to showcase their love for some of the greatest tracks of all time.  See, e.g., the longer review of Joni Mitchell’s Blue.  The tribute to Sly’s Stand! was equally exceptional.  The show was super octane charged, each band trying to out-do the previous one culminating in a frenetic funk and soul free for all when the musicians all joined together for “Dance to the Music.”  The best show of the past year and why I love live music.   Huge Show, Huge Night.

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