Los Amigos Invisibles: Fun, Fun, Fun

Los Amigos Invisibles
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
April 24, 2013

There aren’t many bands more fun to see live than Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles.  Los Amigos play Gozadera music which translates as Merrymaking or Good Times music which is definitely true. They put a lot of effort into their shows which are one long party.  There is a lot of energy between the audience and the band.  No one stands still at a Los Amigos show.  There are no ballads, no breaks.  There is barely a pause from one rocking, funking, discoing, latin rhythm dance song to the next.  They come on stage, hit the groove and the party starts.  Any band that has been around for 20 years is going to know how to play and that is definitely true of Los Amigos.   For a taste, check out: MentirasDiablo.

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