Ke$ha: Wild and Crazy Gal

Grand Sierra Theater
Reno, NV
May 3, 2011

Ke$ha: Wild and Crazy Gal

Senior Reno Correspondent: Alexandra Sasse

Since her first hit "Tik Tok" was released, Ke$ha has set particular expectations for herself. All of her songs involve getting extremely drunk at wild parties, even throwing up in the closet of Paris Hilton. So, you would expect that she is not exactly normal and she isn't.

I had an amazing time at her recent Reno, NV concert, part of the Get Sleazy tour. Unfortunately, some guy named Beardo, probably a friend of Ke$ha's, came onstage as her opening performer. He was wearing pink tiger-striped leggings and was completely tone-deaf. This was the least enjoyable part of the show. Beardo also sang a Beastie Boys song "(You've Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Paaaaaaartay!), which was truly terrible. Beardo was a weirdo.

Fortunately, all things must pass and Beardo finally stopped singing. Soon Ke$ha appeared in a glowing silver diamond on a platform raised above the stage. Definitely better than an egg. The atmosphere was very lively, every audience member screaming as she belted out the chorus of "F**k Him, He's a DJ." There was a crazy amount of glitter flying everywhere from their hair as they jumped up and down and on stage buckets of glitter were thrown on Ke$ha. Most of the audience consisted of teenage girls wearing heavy amounts of eye makeup and fishnets to match Ke$ha's look on stage.

On stage, even weirder things were happening. Men in tight, glow-in-the-dark suits danced around Ke$ha as she tore apart a stuffed human doll and started eating the remains during "Cannibal" with red liquid (blood) pouring down her face. It was weird but exciting to watch.

She sang a mix of songs from her two albums Animal and Cannibal including the title tracks, "Animal," and "Cannibal" as well as "Get Sleazy," "Your Love is My Drug," "Tik Tok," "Dinosa," "We R Who We R," "Take It Off," "Blow," "Backstabber," "Blah, Blah, Blah," and "Dirty Picture." My favorite was "Animal," a very pretty song, that Ke$ha said was the best she ever wrote.

Contrary to popular belief, Ke$ha is not a terrible singer. She hit every note she sang, though admittedly most of her songs have a limited range. She also did much of her own synthesizing between songs. Maybe NPR was right and she really did get a 1600 on her SATs. During the concert she adjusted many dials and buttons on a platform to make adjustments to the sound.

It was the craziest concert I have ever attended but it was a blast. Ke$ha is not normal but the night was entertaining because she is remarkably wild.

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