The Cave Singers: Encore, Encore

The Cave Singers
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA
March 10, 2011

The Cave Singers: Encore, Encore

This blog is in danger of becoming a Cave Singers fansite. This is a record 6th appearance for The CS on The MV&R. For the past 3 or 4 years, the Cavers have been one of my favorite bands. They are poetry. So, you'd be delusional to expect a bad review because you're not going to get one especially since this was one of the Singers better performances. It was their highest energy show yet and the lively crowd was behind them all the way.

The band performed fantastic versions of Summer Light (to open the show), At the Cut and Beach House. Three wonderful songs. In fact, my only complaint from the evening was that the show was too short. The band played one hour and 15 minutes which is not enough for a band with three albums; many wonderful songs were left out. (BTW, the new album, No Witch, released two weeks ago, has several tunes that are worth DLing, e.g. Haystacks, Swim Club).

It's possible that the CSers may have cut short their performance due to two lengthy opening acts, including Triumph of Lethargy who were a Triumph of Feedback, little more than an exercise in pain tolerance. I have not heard anything so unpleasant in so long a time but the CS made up for it. You know you have been to a good show when the houselights come on and you still want more.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot: the Great American Music Hall is an awesome place for a show.

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