This is a journal of musical adventures in San Francisco, California. A random collection of the fits and sparks of an addle-minded music fan and his questionable opinions of the best and worst of live performances around the San Francisco Bay Area and wherever else his demented muse leads.

This journal is colored by the eternal struggle against Weltschmerz, where physical reality fails to satisfy the demands of the mind and soul. Live performances of music can be religious experiences of oneness and transcendence. The very best performance can allow glimpses of nirvana facilitated by a communal gathering of the like-minded and a celebration of the philosophical paradox of wave particles floating in air. Raising the lowly, empowering the powerless, moving beyond Subject and Object, Mind and Body. The magic of melody and poetry overcoming the limits of language and narrative and reality finally satisfying the mind and soul. And one tired dude trying to capture the Zeitgeist for a fleeting moment: Welcome to Musical Views and Reviews.

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